About Us


History of Hand Pulled Noodle
Small restaurants serving Lanzhou-style hand pulled noodle are very common throughout western China where they have formed a staple diet for centuries, as well as eastern Chinese cities. They tend to serve a variety of fantastic meals, with a choice of hand pulled or knife peeled noodles. 


Our Story
Shan Shan Noodles is a family owned restaurant. The Owner and her family has came from Xinjiang( North western part of China) where wheat is a staple crop in the region.  She and her family hope to bring their culture and food to the restaurant.  


Our Food
We only use the freshest ingredients in our cooking. All of our soups are made with beef and chicken broth with thirteen different Chinese herbs.  Customers can choose from a variety style of noodles which include hand pulled (round and thin), knife peeled and flat noodles.